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No matter if you, the homeowner, or a sealcoating company applies it, the coal tar emulsion sealer contains approximately 25% coal tar pitch.  You also get 15% clays, 10% fly ash and up to 50% water or more.  The texture is controlled by altering the viscosity and changing the PH levels with latex additives.

 That is right!  Coal tar emulsion can be up to 50% water!


Liquid asphalt:


Notice in the photo above that there is no water or clay in asphalt.

ASPHALT PAVEMENT is made of sand, stone, and liquid asphalt. Driveway stone does not need protection from the elements, and neither does sand.  That leaves the liquid asphalt, that naturally repels water, and when new, can protect itself. The liquid asphalt is the binder that holds the stone and sand together.  These three products together make asphalt pavement, as we all know it by. Over time, the liquid asphalt will dry out causing the asphalt pavement to become brittle and crack, eventually allowing the loss of sand and stone.

Only rejuvenation sealers can penetrate the pavement and renew and recondition the liquid asphalt by restoring the asphaltenes and maltenes. Common logic should tell you that water (the coal tar emulsion sealer) and oil (the petroleum based asphalt pavement) donít mix! 

So how can coal tar/latex products renew the asphalt?  The answer is simple, they canít.  What they do is sit on top of the asphalt, depriving the asphalt from breathing, expanding and contracting, ultimately ruining the asphalt by causing surface cracks. If you donít believe me, take a walk through any neighborhood, look closely were these products have been "broomed" on driveways two years ago and you will see for yourself.  Asphalt does not need sealing; it needs renewing.  (See below.)













If you are still determined to use coal tar emulsion sealers, then have them applied by spraying only, rather than by using a squeegee or a broom.  Those are the worst possible ways that sealers can be applied.  Even so, I donít recommend using these products, ever!  Hopefully, you will "JUST SAY NO" to Coal Tar Emulsion products.  They are NOT true sealers.




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